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Remember to laugh a little each day!

He utilizes circus skills such as Clown Character, magic, escape artistry, commedia dell'arte, prop manipulation, juggling, puppetry, physical and verbal comedy as well as storytelling and other techniques, providing a fun filled and exciting performance.

Marc is also bilingual, English and Spanish, and participates in many multi cultural events.
An entertainerfor all events!
Available to travel abroad, Marc will bring to your event a unique and comic show that results in a personal and memorable performance. Marc performs stage shows, festivals, carnivals, fairs, caberet, club, private, cultural, community and corporate events. In addition to school events, library events, grand openings and shows tailored to a specific venue by request.

After years of training and performing as an ensemble performer, and later as a soloist, Marc The Zani (formerly known as "Marc The Modern Day Zani") has continually developed increasingly ambitious and novel shows: his best show is coming soon! Marc's new show, drawing on all his skills, experiences and inspiration will debut soon.

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Marc the Zani