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Marc The  Zani

Traveling Entertainer
414 459-ZANI (9264)

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Variety Entertainer For Hire

A unique entertainer with the extraordinary ability to take the audience on a journey of laughter, curiosity and excitement.

Strengths & skills include:

  • comic character portrayal through the unique use of language (including  English, Spanish, Some French and Ki-Swahili)
  • Prestidigitation: classic magic illusions as well as event and character tailored effects using everyday objects.
  • Slap Stick comedy and mask theatre
  • Puppetry: using puppets in an unconventional manner
  • Storytelling: bringing new life to, and honoring age old legends and myths by providing lessons through comedy.
  • Escape artistry: death defying feats of escapes.
  • Contortionism
  • Balloon sculpting
  • Prop Manipulation: some ability with object balancing and juggling.


  • Bucket Works Arts Club, Milwaukee Wisconsin. June, 2005 to April, 2006. Learned improvisation techniques.
  • Mime Theater Studio North Holly Wood, CA. October, 2005. Learned concepts behind physical theatre including techniques of Marceau, Etienne Decroux, and Stefan Niezialkowski.
  • Celebration Barn South Paris, ME. July 2006; August 2008. Learned and explored classic physical theatre illusions as well as other performance techniques as interpreted by Tony Montanaro. Returning student explored commedia dell'arte mask theatre, slap stick clowning, sketch writing, flash theatre and  various related material.
  • Founding Member of and frequent visitor of Ithaca Area Storytellers.